Company Overview

Emiliana Conserve was founded in 1985 in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, from the consolidation of two of the oldest Italian Companies of the tomato processing industry.
The company initially produced only tomato paste, but it progressively expanded its production capacity to pulps, both diced and crushed, and tomato puree (passata). Nowadays, these products are available in all kinds of retail packaging formats and sizes as well as in aseptic drums for the food industry.
In 2009, Emiliana Conserve reorganized itself from a limited liability company (S.r.l) to a joint-stock agricultural company with 9,200,000 EUR of shared capital (Società Agricola S.p.A.). This step, together with the acquisition of the former Cirio plant in San Polo di Podenzano (Piacenza), made Emiliana Conserve the largest private tomato processing company in northern Italy with more than 50% of the company shares controlled by local tomato farmers and company suppliers.

Since 2003, Emiliana Conserve directly cultivates more than 35% of the processed tomatoes through the Emiliana Agricola farming company. This strategic choice allows to better implement up-to-date practices and technologies in the agronomic field while having full control and traceability of the tomato quality.

All the tomatoes that are processed by Emiliana Conserve are grown in the North of Italy according to the Integrated Production rules of the Emilia-Romagna region certified by S.G.S. Italy. In 2015 Emiliana has obtained the Service Control certification which applies to the Italian tomato sustainable supply chain. This assures consumers that the agricultural production is done with minimal environmental impact. The certification also guarantees that any chemicals left on the fruits are below safety threshold levels and guarantees a responsible approach towards the health and safety of the workers.