Emiliana Conserve was founded in 1985 in the heart of the Italian Food Valley, from the merger of two of the oldest Italian Companies in the sector.

At the initial production of tomato paste added in following years, and that of the pulp (diced / crushed) and passata, packed in all kind of retail packaging and sizes and in aseptic bags for the food industry. With the acquisition in 2007 of the ex-Cirio plant in S. Polo di Podenzano (Piacenza) and the change in Emiliana Conserve Società Agricola S.p.A. with a share capital of € 9.188.000 and with an important agricultural participation, becomes the largest tomato private processor in north of Italy.

Through Emiliana Agricola, established in 2003 to improve the technical – agronomical knowledge to allow total control of the supply chain, Emiliana Conserve grow directly about 30% of processed tomatoes, ensuring a better quality and full traceability of the whole production cycle.

All the fresh tomatoes are grown in the north of Italy according to the Integrated Production rules of Emilia Romagna region certified by S.G.S Italy. From crop 2015 has been obtained the Service Control applied to the Italian tomato sustainable supply chain certification to ensure consumers on agricultural production methods to minimize the impacts of activities harmful to the environment, the intake of chemicals and ensuring a responsible approach towards health and safety of workers and the welfare of animals.