The values, principles and rules of corporate governance, the creation of value for the territory and the commitment to the environment. All this information is reported in the sustainability report, which Emiliana Conserve takes care of every year. The first sustainability report, referring to the year ended June 30, 2021, is under review and will be approved by December 2021.

Among the most recent examples of Emiliana Conserve’s activity was the upgrading and efficiency of the treatment plant in the Busseto (Parma) plant – for an investment of 3 million euros. The intervention made it possible in the 2021 campaign to improve the water efficiency of the plant and the quality of the water used. In the San Polo plant, measures have been adopted in the present plant which led to an overall saving of 200,000 cubic meters of water during the 2021 campaign. considerable consumption of GAS and the consequent impact on the environment.
From January 2022, all the energy used by the Emiliana Conserve plants will derive from renewable energy sources for an environmental impact equal to the reforestation of an area of ​​40 hectares.

The certified Emiliana 5.0 supply chain guarantees the optimization of water use and the social responsibility of the entire supply chain.