The registered capital is well distributed. The main component (just over 27%) is made up of individual farms, 6% consists of employees, just over 12% is made up of companies in the tomato chain, just under 28% consists of agricultural producer organizations, with the remaining 37% falling into the category of other members.

With two production plants covering a total of 250 thousand square meters, the company produced 2.46 million tons of fresh processed tomatoes in 2020, which is a strong increase compared to 1.9 million in 2019 – a sign of a high growth capability despite the negative environment. Numbers also grew on finished products (bottles went from 80 to 108 million, jars from 1.14 to 4.96 million) and semi-finished products (with tomato concentrate reaching 5,166 tons compared to 4,990 the previous year).